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A Message to All Visitors:

Hello colleagues, friends, and fellow music teachers. After launching this "Resources for Music Educators" resource over two years ago, I feel it is time for me to retire my web site for a number of reasons. The very best web resources are those that are kept current and updated on a regular basis, and this is very difficult for me to do at this time. This project began during my graduate school years, and the scope of the resources require more than a minimal amount of time for maintenance.

In addition, this project began during a time when there were few, if any, music teaching resources available through the web. Today there are many sites with quality materials, and the need for this one has diminished. Other resources are available on the web, and each can focus and develop in different aspects of music and music education.

One very interesting aspect of operating this web site has been the regular messages and questions I have received from users. Clearly there are music teachers who need contact with each other, and find that the WWW is a effective context for some of those communications. I appreciate your visits and have enjoyed your contacts with me.

At this time my students at Oregon State and I will begin the process of establishing a web site for the Oregon Music Educators Association. You may want to look for that in a few weeks. I also plan to design and implement a web course to serve students and teachers who may not be able to reach campus in person.

I want to extend a special "thank-you" to Dr. Jim Levin at the University of Illinois College of Education. He provided me not only with tools to establish web resources, but also the motivation for divergent thinking when considering the potential of a world networked for global communication. Whenever I encountered real or perceived roadblocks, he was quick to help me find a detour. In addition, Dr. Levin provided the hardware and software for this busy resource!

Thank you also to every visitor for your support. I hope you can use a good search engine to find whatever resources for which you may be looking. And if it isn't there, perhaps you will find the means and determination to provide it for others!


Tina Scott, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Music Education
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

April 1998

(c)Copyright 1996-98, Tina Scott.